Gretsch Guitars - "That Great Gretsch Sound!"

Gretsch Guitars

Without a doubt, Gretsch Guitars dominated the music eras of the '50s and '60s having been played by music greats like Eddie Cochrane, The Who, Jimmy Page, and many others. Now they are stronger than ever, touting an impressive artist roster that takes Gretsch Guitars to stadiums and arenas across the globe.

Started back in the 1880s by the German immigrant Friedrich Gretsch, Friedrich Gretsch used his talent for manufacturing everything from drums to tambourines to pave the road to international notoriety. After a brief stint with the Baldwin Piano Company, Gretsch Guitars was once again helmed by the Gretsch family in 1989, but now by Fred W. Gretsch - Friedrich Gretsch's great-great-grandson.

Gretsch Guitars were what many of today’s top axe men dreamed about owning growing up, so it comes as no surprise that Gretsch Guitars became the signature instrument for literally hundreds of guitar players around the world, including Stephen Stills and Bono. Today it continues to be used for its unmistakable warm tone, vintage vibe, and powerhouse gain.

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