Model: LP208
Retail Price: $74.99
Our Price: $49.99

product description

For decades the rasping rattle of the LP Vibra-Slap II set the mood in cinema, television, and on stage. Now LP announces that the celebrated percussive effects instrument has undergone a transformation. The LP New and Improved Vibra-Slap II is poised to make history again. It yields an exotic, more penetrating version of the haunting "ratchet" rattle that signaled mortal danger in horror flicks and life-or-death shootouts in westerns.

The original LP Vibra-Slap II was an adaptation of the folkloric and vaudeville chattering horse's jaw bone. Introduced in the sixties, the LP version was an instant hit on movie scoring stages, television, and in clubs. The new redesigned LP Vibra-Slap II is played in conventional fashion. A hard ball meets an inert palm and sets off shuddering in the resonating chamber.

The new unit, however, emits stronger tones and heightened sustain thanks to an exotic hardwood chamber. The New and Improved LP Vibra-Slap II the age old tones of bones tweaked to contemporary standards as chilling as ever!


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