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    Gretsch Stave Shell Snare Mixes Style and Sound

    Posted December 05, 2013

    Gretsch Drums have a long history in the music world, celebrating 130 years of bringing the backbeat to some of the greatest songs ever recorded in rock and roll history. The iconic drum kit’s popularity continues to this day amongst some of the best drummers around because of its crisp sound and impeccable style.

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      Taylor Guitars: Still Shredding

      Posted November 29, 2013

      When it comes to maximum shreddability, Taylor Guitars have been the go-to instrument musicians seek to get that crisp, iconic sound. Since 1974, the El Cajon, California-based company has worked to create a unique instrument that has innovated the way guitars play.
      That innovation comes from their bolt-on neck, which sounds very Frankenstein-like but actually refers to the guitar’s easily removable guitar neck. By bolting rather than gluing it onto the guitar body, the neck can easily be adjusted, so it’s not the end of the world if you have a freak hormonal growth spurt.

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        Fano Guitars: Everything New is Old

        Posted November 12, 2013

        The Fano Guitars brand is an inspiration that you—sadly—don’t see that much anymore. It was started by one guy in Pennsylvania, who proved that as long as you make the best products you can possibly make, there will be people listening.

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          Evans Drumheads & The New Level 360

          Posted November 7, 2013

          Even if you aren’t a drummer, Evans is one of those brand names that most musicians have heard of. Since they started back in the 50’s, Evans drumheads has been used by everyone from the London Symphony Orchestra to the drummers of Imagine Dragons and Slayer, and are not only restricted to pros.

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            Gretsch USA Custom: Well Worth It

            Posted October 23, 2013

            Let’s talk about the Gretsch USA Custom. Yes, we know this drum set is notoriously expensive but at least in my opinion it is a well-warranted price tag.

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                Posted October 14, 2013

                We were asked the other day about the best maple drum kit that we would recommend to people, and we thought about this for a while. Maple is a popular choice for lots of people, and there are definitely lots of choices out there.

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                  Gibson Acoustic Guitar Showdown: The Gibson J-200, Dove, and Hummingbird

                  Posted October 07, 2013

                  Did you know that we are one of the biggest Gibson 5 Star dealerships in the country? Bet you wouldn’t have guessed, but we are. We keep roughly 30-40 brand new Gibson acoustic guitars in stock always, and we can offer special guitars exclusive to 5 Star dealers.

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                    SJC Drums: Made by Drummers for Drummers

                    Posted October 01, 2013

                    As much as we love the classics, there is something just plain inspiring about newcomers that come to the manufacturing game. It’s kind of like a little reminder to everyone that yes, there are people out there who care about this stuff—the gear that you use, making it sound absolutely top-notch and durable enough to withstand a stampede.

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                      Get More Bang for Your Buck with Ernie Ball Strings

                      Posted September 09, 2013

                      Ah, the infamous Ernie Ball Strings used by all of today’s big artists: MGMT, Nine Inch Nails, Slash, John Mayer, Alt-J and just about everyone else. The artist roster at Ernie Ball is impressive, and easily bests the artist families of its competitors.

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                        Ludwig Hardware has the Quality You are Looking for to Perform Your Best

                        Posted July 29, 2013

                        Ludwig's Atlas Classic hardware is designed to be compact, lightweight yet very durable. This series is precision engineered for increased durability and higher function.

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                        Ludwig Keystone Drums: The Tough, Loud, and Affordable

                        Posted July 25, 2013

                        For over 100 years, Gretsch drums have brought “That Great Gretsch Sound” which has kept percussionists coming back year after year, decade after decade.

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                        Gretsch Drums: The Father of Jazz Percussion

                        Posted July 18, 2013

                        For over 100 years, Gretsch drums have brought “That Great Gretsch Sound” which has kept percussionists coming back year after year, decade after decade.

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                        Get Amazing Tone and Minimal Feedback with the Gretsch Panther

                        Posted July 8, 2013

                        If you are looking for a professional quality guitar with top-notch workmanship that not only looks beautiful but also has a superior full-bodied tone, you must check out the Gretsch Panther.

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                        Gibraltar Hardware & Parts: An Industry Standard

                        Posted July 2, 2013

                        Gibraltar hardware is quite literally the industry standard in durability. Used by artists from Megadeth to No Doubt, Gibraltar parts are infamous around the world for their sturdiness and ability to keep up with even the craziest of drummers.

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                        The Gretsch Chet Atkins – A True Classic

                        Posted June 25, 2013

                        In the 50s, a dream collaboration between Gretsch Guitars and Chet Atkins was born. The influential country guitarist and the guitar manufacturer from Brooklyn came together to create the Gretsch Chet Atkins collection of guitars, which continues to be one of the most popular guitar collections from Gretsch.

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                        Discover the Gretsch White Falcon

                        Posted June 19, 2013

                        One day in 1954, Gretsch displayed the Cadillac of Guitars—a musical confection with a pure white body, an ebony fretboard, and a glittering pearl inlay. Influenced by the design sentiments of a rocking 1950s America, this guitar...

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                        Shake things up with EarthQuaker Devices

                        Posted June 6, 2013

                        Since its launch in 2004, EarthQuaker Devices has been shaking up the music scene for amateur and pro musicians alike. There is no shortage of musicians using EarthQuaker...

                      • Ludwig Snare

                        Choosing the Right Ludwig Snare

                        Posted June 4 2013

                        If you've listened to the drums in any recording in recent memory, there's a pretty good chance it was played on a Ludwig. Easy to work with and extremely versatile, Ludwig drums are always in high demand. Here's a quick guide to some of the best Ludwig Snares on the market.

                      • Orange Amps

                        Looking for an Orange?

                        Posted May 23, 2013

                        The Orange Rockerverb collection is one of Orange's most famous lines, being used by hundreds of artists across the decades. Rockerverb amps feature a clean channel (with controls for volume, bass, middle, and treble), and a dirty channel (with controls for...


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