Brass Repair

This job includes removal of valves and slides, chemical cleaning of the entire instrument (including mouthpiece), removal of minor accessible dents, alignment of slides, replacement of waterkey corks, alignment of valves, replacement of felts and rubber bumpers, and vacuuming of the case.

NOTE: If valves, slides, and/or horn are severely damaged the customer will incur an additional charge, no additional work will be done without customer approval.

Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn & Trombone $79
Rotary Valve Trombone $94
Double Valve Trombone $109
Alto-Horn, Mellophone, Marching Trombone & F-Horn $86
Single French Horn $124
Double French Horn $158
3 Valve Baritone/Euphonium $90
4 Valve Baritone/Euphonium $105
3 Valve Tuba/Sousaphone $158
4 Valve Tuba/Sousaphone $198
4 Rotary Tuba/Sousaphone $212
Solder Brace $30 (each)
More than 5 Solder Braces $25 (each)
Solder Farrule $35 (each)
Lap Valve $15 (each)
Pull Slide $30 (each)
Any specifc Repair not list will be billed per hour $75 (hour)

NOTE: Dents and stuck valves are assessed on a piece by piece basis and will be approved before repair is done.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.


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