By agreeing to terms you are authorizing Russo Music Center to use your credit card (supplied on payment page) as security in place of a security deposit. This authorizes Russo Music Center to charge any past due balances to your credit card. This includes monthly rental charges after the initial rental period has expired and instrument has not been returned.


- When beginning a new lease, one of the two Initial Lease Agreements (4½ months or School Year) must be chosen. A month-by-month lease is not available until the end of the initial lease period. 
- No refunds for early termination of a lease. 
- Once an instrument is returned and the lease is cancelled, all equity accrued towards purchase of the instrument is forfeited. 
- While leasing, all instruments remain the property of Russo Music Center until the time of purchase. 
- If you wish to cancel your lease you must first notify Russo Music Center. Failure to do so may result in the customer voiding the contract. 


In order for Russo Music Center to provide you with an instrument an additional security deposit is required along with the lease fee. In leaving a deposit the lessee has the following options: 

- Provide a valid credit card number on the application authorizing Russo Music Center to charge any past due payments or late fees. No deposit is charged to the credit card at the time of the initial lease. The card number is simply kept on file in lieu of an actual paid deposit. 
- Provide a refundable security deposit for the appropriate amount according to the instrument’s group (ex. group 1 = $100 / group 2 = $175 / groups 3 & 4 = $250). The security deposit must remain on the account for the duration of time the lessee is renting the instrument. 
- In the event of an exchange from a lesser price group to a greater price group, the lessee must pay the difference in the security deposit. (Ex. group 2 instrument exchanged to group 3 instrument = an addition $75 security needed). 


Once your initial lease period expires you have the option to continue leasing on a monthly basis. While making monthly payments a portion of the payment will go towards purchase of the instrument, thoughyou are under no obligation to purchase the instrument

- At the end of your initial lease you will receive a bill from Russo Music Center every month stating the amount and date that payment is due. 
- Russo Music Center does not assume responsibility for billing errors on the part of the postal service. You are responsible for the monthly payment whether you receive a bill in the mail or not. 
- If payment is not received within 10 days of the billing due date, a $5.00 late charge will be applied to the account. All options for exchanges and maintenance are suspended until the account is paid and current. 
Returned checks are subject to a $35.00 fee. 


In the event that an account becomes 60 or more days past due, Russo Music Center reserves the right to take the following courses of action: 

- Reclaim the instrument without notification to the lessee. 
- Place the account with an outside collection agency. Accounts placed in collections forfeit the option to return the instrument and are billed for the full retail price of the instrument. 
- The lessee is also responsible for paying all late fees as well as all collection and legal expenses. 


While partaking in the rental program the lessee assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the instrument. Russo Music Center will not be responsible for the following: 

- Instruments left at school for return or repair without proper notification to Russo Music Center. 
- Instruments lost due to negligence or theft. Any instrument lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair is the responsibility of the lessee. In such an event the lessee will be billed the full value of the instrument. 


- Exchanging from one instrument to another (ex. violin to a flute) can only be done within the first 12 months of your lease. If the exchange is made within the initial 12 month period the account may carry all equity toward purchase from one instrument to the next. 
- If exchanging instruments from one price group to another in a higher priced group, the difference in price must be paid. 
- When renting a string instrument exchanges can be made at any time to the next necessary size as long as the account is paid and current. This policy only applies to the same instrument type. 
- It is also highly recommended that you do not purchase your child’s stringed instrument until they are at the largest size in the event they are to outgrow the one they are using. 
- In the event of an exchange from a greater price group to a lesser price group the balance is applied towards purchase of the instrument. 


Russo Music Center will cover all routine maintenance on your instrument during the course of your lease. In order for the maintenance coverage to be applicable the following stipulations must be met. 

- The maintenance charge is included in your initial lease fee. The monthly cost is included in the monthly fee and is as follows: $3 for Group 1, $4 for Group 2, $5 for Group 3, and $7 for Group 4. 
- Your account must be paid, current and without any late charges. 
- Repairs must be due to normal wear & tear. Any damage to the instrument due to negligent or malicious behavior will not be covered by Russo Music Center. 
- Russo Music Center must be notified immediately of any necessary maintenance your instrument may need. 
- Accessory items damaged, lost or stolen are not covered under the maintenance policy. 


Enrolling in Russo Music Center’s Lease-To-Own Purchase Plan entitles you to varying discounts on the purchase of the instrument that you are renting. The discount break-down is as follows: 

30% DISCOUNT- If you decide to purchase your instrument while in your initial lease period (ex. 4 ½ month or school year lease) you will receive a 30% discount off of the remaining balance of the instrument. In addition, you will receive 2 years of routine maintenance and service on the instrument. 

20% DISCOUNT– If you continue renting the instrument on a monthly basis beyond your initial lease period and decide to purchase your instrument you will receive a 20% discount off of the remaining balance as long as the balance is greater than $100. In addition, you will receive 1 year of routine maintenance and service on the instrument. 

For out-right purchases, forgoing the lease program, please call for pricing and availability. 


For over 50 years Russo has been a cornerstone of the music scene in New Jersey. Stocking only the best legacy musical instrument brands including Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, Orange Amplifiers, Martin Guitars, Gretsch Drums, Dw Drums, Ludwig Drums and Bosphorus cymbals to name a few.

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