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Great Gifts for Guitar Players

Steve Vitale • Posted on 11/25/2019

Buying for that special guitarist in your life can be tough. For one, they are usually pretty good at buying for themselves. So how do you find something useful that will be sure to impress? We’ve put together a few of our favorite gifts that we believe any guitar player would be happy to have, whether they have something similar or not.

Mono M80 with Tick Promo

Mono bags are well known among musicians as a top of the line way to carry your favorite guitar. They make a range of durable and ultra-protective gig bags that are sleek as well. The M80 is Mono’s gold standard gig bag known for a smart layout and a strong impact resistant design. The Tick is a clever carrying case for all of the accessories needed on the go, and for a limited time, they are being offered together! From now through the end of the year, pick up the M80 and get an $89 Tick thrown in for free.

Mono M80 with Free Tick 2.0

Music Nomad Premium Guitar Tech Screwdriver and Wrench Set

Playing guitar isn’t just about riffs, just like muscle cars aren’t about going 0-60. Yes, that is part of the fun, but these intricate instruments need tweaking when not being played, and every guitarist should have a sturdy set of tools to get the job done. Music Nomad has made a name out of creating the products that keep instruments ready to play. So if you're not going to buy your loved one a guitar (trust us, we understand), then why not get them the tools to keep the guitars they have playing well for a lifetime?

Music Nomad Premium Guitar Tech Screwdriver And Wrench Set

Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings

Martin has been around a long time and perfected some of the guitar worlds greatest traditions. So when they came out with a revamped line of strings late last year, everyone was intrigued. In that year, Martin accomplished exactly what they set out to; take a great product and make it better. Guitarists are always on a quest for the perfect tone, so we nominate Martin Authentic Acoustic strings as an interesting way to give your favorite guitarist something refreshing and new.

Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings

D’Addario Power and Pedal Accessories

This is the 21st century, and effect pedals are just as important as any amp. Glad we got that out of the way. D’Addario supports this ecosystem with the best accessories that you didn’t know you needed.

D’Addario Tour-Grade Power Base

Now before you say, “Are you suggesting a power strip as a gift?”, let us explain. When amplifiers and effects are built, they are done so with the expectation of a clean and consistent power supply. Unfortunately, this is not what they get from many outlets across the U.S. On top of that, there is nothing more aggravating as a guitarist than fighting over limited outlets. Electricity is messy, and can often compromise the tone that so much blood, sweat and tears has gone into building. So before writing this one off, know that the D’Addario Tour Base Power Supply is a tough all-metal surge protector that ensures that no pedal or amp goes unplugged.

D'addario Tour Grade Power Base

D’addario Flat Cable

If you have a pedal board, then the terrifying thought of a cable issue at the worst moment has crept into your mind. Luckily, D’addario comes to the rescue with an affordable and thoughtful patch cable design that mixes extremely low clearance and strong build quality. The Flat Cables have an oxygen-free coaxial copper conductor with a couple layers of noise rejection shielding giving you a clear and uncolored sound. Sometimes the little things are the best gifts, so don’t overlook the gift of peace of mind with the D’addario Flat Cables.

D'addario Flat Patch Cables

Daddario IEC-Nema Plug Adapter

This isn’t the most exciting entry on our list, but it is definitely an important addition to any guitarist's live-show tool kit. The small plug, which can be dropped into any guitar case, will turn a standard extension cable into an IEC cable for your amp. Redundancy is important when the show must go on, and this simple gift protects against something most guitarists will experience in their journey.

Daddario IEC-Nema Plug Adapter

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