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Cole Clark

On the Way
On the Way

Cole Clark: Uniquely Australian

When a new guitar company comes on the scene, it's easy to be skeptical. When a company comes on the scene and shatters expectation, we take notice. Cole Clark is a proudly Australian brand that shows off its corner of the globe through the beautiful indigenous tone woods matched artfully with the best from around the globe, all sustainably sourced. It is impossible to argue the beauty of these instruments, and the level of detail their tightknit crew puts into every acoustic guitar.

Ingenuity in Design at Cole Clark

It's not just about the looks at Cole Clark, and they have the tone to prove it. Using a 'Spanish Heel' design, the neck is actually connected to the top and sides, giving it a one of a kind resonance. Add in Cole Clarks patented pickup system and you have a guitar that really has an ethereal quality. Wanting to eliminate the awful piezo quack, they've come up with an integrated design that has 6 separate piezo pick-ups for low end, a condenser shelved for only the highs, and a face sensor to blend frequencies in the mid-range.