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EarthQuaker Devices

It’s tough to imagine a world without EarthQuaker Devices. Among the most celebrated and influential effect pedal names out there, EarthQuaker Devices crafts pedals for the people. Celebrated by pedal lovers around the world, EarthQuaker Devices specializes in bringing power to players to take on their own musical ventures with fuzzes, reverbs, delays, and everything in between. Know it or not, there’s an EarthQuaker pedal for you, hand built and ready to rock.

Origins of EarthQuaker

The heart of the operation can be traced to Jamie Stillman, founder and mastermind behind the EQD we know today. Starting first as a passion project while working as a musician and label manager in the early 2000s in Akron, Ohio, Stillman earned recognition from online gear communities for his first full-production run pedal, the Hoof. It wasn’t long before word got around about EQD and Stillman’s knack for pedal making became a career.

Originally based in Stillman’s basement in Akron, Ohio, EarthQuaker Devices gradually upgraded to several different headquarter locations across Ohio, launching hit pedal after hit pedal. The small operation has since grown to a company of over fifty employees and over forty EarthQuaker Devices pedals. EQD’s merry band of noisemakers craft each pedal by hand with a personal touch, making sure every pedal with the EQD name on it is up to the exceptional standards the brand has set. Hand-assembled, full of character and with undeniable personality, EarthQuaker Devices is in a league of its own.

The mission? Musical. The team? Tireless. The sound? Spectacular.

EarthQuaker Devices Today

EarthQuaker Devices cannot be broken down to a formula. Those free-spirited Ohioans and the care they put into every pedal cannot be put in a box. Some companies grow larger and lose sight of what matters, but EarthQuaker Devices has managed to instead become a haven for over fifty professional noisemakers who hold the shared vision of bringing noise to all. And we say Cheers!