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The Prophecy Collection

The newly reimagined Epiphone Prophecy Collection features iconic "Inspired by Gibson™" body shapes with a modern twist.

Epiphone Guitars

The Epiphone name is one that reaches around the world and across generations. As one of the oldest names in musical instruments around today, the brand's reputation precedes it. Epiphone's lifespan lasts over a century, though its dedication to crafting quality instruments has remained constant since the very beginning.

History of Epiphone

Epiphone's origins can be traced to the Stathopoulo family, Greek in heritage, in the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) in the 1860s. Epiphone built its early reputation on manufacturing and repairing stringed instruments such as lutes and violins before emigrating to the United States at the turn of the twentieth century. After finding success as a manufacturer of stringed instruments in New York City, the family business evolved to focus on acoustic guitars after developing their first successful model in 1928. This initial spark of ingenuity would sustain a century's worth of musical instrument innovation and prestige.

Though closely tied with rival Gibson as they competed throughout the first half of the twentieth century, Gibson's 1957 acquisition of the Epiphone company allowed both names to blossom in the following decades. New developments in the Epiphone line such as the acoustic Frontier and the semi-hollow electric Sheraton continued in a line of innovative instruments to suit the needs of the day. Nowhere before was this fit better seen than with Epiphone Casinos and Texans in the hands of the Beatles in the mid-1960s. Epiphone's mastery of acoustic and electric guitars has resonated with generations of musicians spanning genres of jazz, folk, and rock, among many others. What's best, that mastery continues on now as today is no different.

Modern Classics

Today, Epiphone's guitars balance traditions both old and new. The unique electric and acoustic models that Epiphone proudly produces continue to inspire to this day. Semi-hollow knockouts like the Casino and Dot bring out the clear, resonant properties of Epiphone's refined designs and high-quality materials. Acoustics such as the Texan build upon generations of American music making as well as put playing priorities forward for musicians to continue to innovate. Along with original instruments, famous Gibson models stand out among Epiphone's ranks with series such as the Inspired by Gibson Collection where players can experience an authentic Les Paul or SG of their own. Epiphone's large family of instruments is revered by musicians around the world and throughout decades. The name's prestige is well-earned as one that is both historic and trailblazing.

Over a century of music making is bound to garner anyone a reputation, and with Epiphone, that famous name is just as outstanding as ever.