Guitar Repair

NOTE: All services are a la carte. Some services may require other services to complete the job. All prices are estimates subject to physical evaluation.
Setups & Maintenance
String and Tune for Guitar/Bass $20 + strings
String and Tune for 12-String & Classical $30 + strings
Deluxe Set Up for 6-String Electric & Acoustic $65
Deluxe Set Up for Floyd Rose & 12-String $75 
Custom Bone Nut (Bone parts not included) $50
Custom Bone Saddle (Bone parts not included) $40 
Bone Nut/Saddle Package (Bone parts not included) $75 
Fret Work
Freezing Frets  $10 per fret
Fret Dress $100 and up
Re-fret $250 and up
Structural Work
Structural Repair Cracks, bracing, neck resets etc. ~$65/hour (Est’d.)
Bridge Re-Glue $150 & up
Peghead Repair $150 & up
Electronics Work
Wiring $65/hour
1 Pickup Install $45
2 Pickup Installs $60
3 Pickup Installs $75 
Acoustic Pickup Install $50
Full Rewire (Wire included, parts not included) $100 & up
Output Jack Replacement (Parts not included) $20
Electronic Component Replacement  $30 per
Pickup Repair/Rewind (Parts not included) $50 and up
Finish Work ~$65 / hour (Est’d.) 
Binding Work ~$65 / hour (Est’d.) 
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