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Abominable Hellmouth Overdrive Pedal - Bouncing Souls Limited Edition Black Sparkle



This product is no longer available from the Manufacturer

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  Asbury Park




This Limited Edition Hellmouth was built for The Bouncing Souls Stoked for the Summer 2019 in Asbury Park NJ and only a few remain.

The Hellmouth is a must have for anyone playing a distorted guitar. Used by All Pigs Must Die, Code Orange, Tool, and many others, I myself turn the gain down on my JCM800 and use the Hellmouth to overdrive the amp. It's that good.

Based on the green overdrive that almost every guitarist has owned at some point, we've tweaked the circuit to what is in our opinion perfection.

We've made changes to allow more low end than the original pedal which some avoid due to it's "thin" and treble heavy sound. We've also expanded the amount of gain that the gain control can achieve AND added a toggle switch to add even more gain! More low end off the bat + more gain turns this once thin-bodied overdrive into a thick distortion monster. This also makes this pedal useable with bass guitar.

In addition to the gain and low end improvements, we've added a toggle to change the input cap to help control the amount of bass frequency / low end is provided. Lastly, we've added a 2nd footswitch to swap the stock silicon with a much more aggressive 5mm red LED diode clipping. Not only does this make the effect sound even more mean, you can also watch the LEDs light up in the eyes of the monster on the pedal itself as you play!

Knob controls:
Volume: Controls the volume of the effect
Clean: Clean blend
Tone: Controls the tone of the effect
Gain: Controls the gain of the effect
Toggle switches:
Input cap: Increase the low end / lower frequencies
More gain: Increases the overall gain
Footswitches (all of our effects are true bypass):
Left: Turn the effect on and off
Right: Switch the diode clipping between the stock silicon diodes and 5mm red LED
diodes (which light up in the eyes of the artwork as you play when on)