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Blackstar HT-5R 5 Watt Combo - Used

Item ID: ISS4280C


Product Details

This HT-5R is in Very Good condition, with a small tear in the handle.

Blackstar's HT-5R is a perfect solution for a practice or studio session. Featuring two channels, three band EQ and Blackstar's ISF tone control for the overdrive channel, and digital stereo - yes, stereo - reverb, the HT-5R is suitable for a variety of musical styles. The overdrive is crisp and focused. The digital reverb on this amp is also very fun to play - sounding similar to a gated hall. On the back are extension speaker outputs and a cabinet emulated line/headphone out, making this amp suitable for larger performance venues as well.

A two button footswitch is also included, which switches channels and engages/disengages reverb.