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Bugera V22 Infinium 1x12 Combo - Used

Item ID: ISS4279


Product Details

This V22 Infinium is in Very Good condition, with little wear.

Bugera is the all-tube amplifier line from Behringer. This 1x12 combo, the V22, features two channels sharing a three-band EQ, master volume, and reverb on a 22-watt platform. On the back panel you have an effects loop, pentode/triode switch, and power tube monitoring.

The clean channel is slightly dark, yet very articulate - well suited for jazz and blues players. The reverb is quite cavernous when cranked, and blends well with either channel. On the drive side, running the gain around 2-4 provides a smooth crunch, while the high gain side gets a little fuzzy.

A real cool benefit to this amp is having a global master volume and individual volume for the gain channel. What you're able to do is crank the master to work the power tubes and get the most out of your dynamic range, then use the channel volumes accordingly to mix the amp.

Topping the V22 off is a cool cream/black aesthetic - great for looking cool on stage.