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Fender Standard Telecaster with Greg Koch Fishman Fluence Pick-ups Sweepstakes

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Boys and girls, freaks and geeks, tone hounds and tone dragons alike - have we got something special for you.

Over the spring, we welcomed renown guitar nerd Greg Koch into the building. Besides being an incredibly gracious human and monster shredder, Greg came bringing a Fishman product clinic to the masses. Among the discussion was the new Fishman Fluence pickup line. The Fluence series is a new take on an active pickup, whereby the pickup is free of copper winding and utilize printed magnetic coils on circuit boards to free a pickup of noise and hum interference. After all was shred and done, we were left with one of our stock Fender Standard Telecasters, which we equipped with Greg's signature Gristle-Tone pickups. Now, you have a chance to have this very guitar in your arsenal.

So what's the buzz on the Gristle-Tone pickups? Well, these bad boys capture two unique Telecaster voicings from the 1950s. Voice one is a "Whiteguard" style, akin to a 1956 Tele - open and airy, as Fishman described, while the second "Blackguard" voicing is big and bold as an early Tele or Broadcaster would be.

The guitar itself is a stock Fender Standard Tele with a maple neck and an alder body in Three-Tone Sunburst. Besides being equipped with Fishman Gristle-Tone pickups, of course, it also boasts a big ol' signature on the back of the peghead: Greg Koch, '18.