Planet Waves Humidipak Packette Replacements


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Product Details

Replacement packets for the Humidipak system from D’addario Planet Waves. Each refill set comes with the 3 packets you need per guitar case to maintain proper humidity levels. If you need the pouches that hold the packets as well, then you need the start kit which is available here.


The patented Planet Waves Humidipak is the only true 2-way humidity control system on the market. Moisture is automatically added or depleted from a sealed environment (such as your guitar case) to maintain 45-50% relative humidity. Never have to guess if your guitar needs more or less humidity - let the Humidipak system from Planet Waves do it for you!

Planet Waves Humidipak Humidity Control System

How to use:

Packets start out soft.

Two are placed in the custom soundhole pouch while one packet goes into a pouch in the headstock compartment of the case. Pouches are available with the starter kit. (Planet Waves Humidipak Humidity Control System)

When the packets get hard, simply replace with fresh ones.

Maintains the guitar AND the case at 45-50% without worrying about wetting sponges or filling bottles.

Pro Tips:

Make sure you close your case with the packets inside when you’re playing your guitar to ensure longest possible packet life.

Use all year long! This system keeps your guitar and case in check in dry and wet environments. Don’t underestimate the damage you can do to your acoustic guitar in either one.

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