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Smallsound/Bigsound Buzzz Octave Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz pedal with octave effect and mid-boost options |



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Adventurous and inventive, the Smallsound/Bigsound Buzzz is a customized take on the Univox Superfuzz. The Buzzz starts with a strong fuzz tone and rapidly expands outward. Numerous additions and alterations to the classic fuzz circuit can be found on the Buzzz such as a secondary octave up and EQ-blast function, low and high gain toggle, and voltage starving control. One of the highlights of the Buzzz is the octave up and EQ-blast switch that is activated through the left footswitch. Both effects can be engaged at the same time using a two-position switch to explore further tonal combinations. Along with octave and EQ adjustments, gain, treble, and starve controls send signals further into a fuzzier realm with plenty of off-kilter static tones to experiment and play with. Between the two extremes of subdued, low-gain breakup and wild, sputtering fuzz, the Buzzz allows players to stake a claim and find a unique setting among the wide array of tones possible. The Smallsound/Bigsound Buzzz is a versatile fuzz pedal with plenty of room to expand and explore sonic possibilities.

Controls & Highlights

  • Unique fuzz effect circuit
  • Optional octave up effect
  • Optional mid-boost effect
  • High gain / Low gain switch


Type: Fuzz / Octave
Power Supply: 9 Volt DC Power Supply
Ins - Outs: 1 In / 1 Out
Expression Out: None
Battery Connection: None