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Fender 1970 Bandmaster Reverb TFL5005D - Used

Item ID: ISS5009C


Product Details

This Fender 1970 Bandmaster Reverb is in very good condition with some minor wear and tear from play time and likely stage use.

This Fender Bandmaster Reverb is a 40 watt, all tube two channel head featuring full spring reverb. It is from 1970, which was an early year for the CBS period of Fender products. Both channels feature volume, treble, and bass controls - and a bright switch. Channel two additionally features a midrange control, single-knob reverb, and classic Fender tremolo. Even though the Bandmaster Reverb rates at half the power of a '70s Twin Reverb, this head has plenty of volume and punch - and is unquestionably bright, though tamable. As well made of an amplifier as this is, they don't fetch nearly as high as earlier Twin Reverbs - so if you are a guitar player looking for vintage Fender tone without spending upwards of $2K, all the more reason to check out this awesome Fender amp.