New items

Most Items in new, unopened condition may be returned up to 30 days from the date of delivery for a full refund minus all shipping costs incurred in the delivery and return of the order. All shipping costs, including the actual cost of any "free shipping" and return label fees are the responsibility of the buyer, unless the shipped item was incorrect or defective. If the item has been opened and/or is no longer in brand new condition, Russo Music reserves the right to apply a restocking fee or deny the return of said item.

Holiday Returns

New Items Purchased from the beginning of November to the end of the year are eligible for return until the last day of January. Items on the non-returnable list below are excluded from this offer.  This offer does not apply to Used and Consignment Items. Please note that musical instruments, particularly but not exclusively acoustic guitars, require certain climactic conditions during storage. Damage caused by humidity issues for items stored improperly during this extended holiday return period may not be eligible for return. Please reach out to us with any questions about delaying shipment post-purchase or storing your delicate gift before the holidays. 

Used Items

Any item purchased used may be returned within 3 days of delivery date. These items have been certified/tested by our staff and thus are deemed in good working condition unless otherwise noted. Please contact us directly for returns so we can resolve these issues individually. As with new items, all returns are in full, minus all shipping costs, unless shipped incorrectly.

Non-returnable Items

Due to the nature of certain items, they cannot be returned under any circumstance. Some of these items include Harmonicas, Microphones, Earbuds, ear-plugs, Books, Software, Drum sticks, Strings, Amp Tubes, Reeds, and other items that could be deemed unsanitary after use.

Return Authorization

If you have questions or would like to return an item within the window, you can contact us through the following contact form. Please give 1-2 business days for response and Return authorization #.
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 Return Authorization Request

School Band Instrument Return

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