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Russo Music is always looking for talented folks with a passion for the musical instrument industry. We offer competitive wages, health benefits, paid time off, company match 401(k) and employee discounts on products and services. Browse our current open positions and see if one might be right for you!

Warehouse Manager Position
Hamiltion, NJ


The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the maintenance of all company inventory, all incoming and outgoing shipments, and management of all warehouse staff.  This position requires extensive knowledge of the day-to-day operations of all warehouse operations, an understanding of the dynamics and flow of procedures within and across all departments of the company, close communication with all department managers and knowledge of all Postal, UPS, FedEx and E-commerce regulations.

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for implementing and maintaining systems to improve the accuracy and flow of inventory throughout all Russo Music locations; ensuring efficient and accurate processes for all facets of inventory management and inventory control.

The Warehouse Manager will also be responsible for training the Warehouse Associates on all warehouse procedures and will oversee the performance of the Associates within the department, across all locations.The manager will clearly communicate expectations, objectives, and goals for the department; delegate work accordingly; and monitor performance to ensure that daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks are performed correctly, thoroughly, and on time to meet customer and business needs. The manager will work closely with a team of Associates to keep them motivated and continually evaluate procedures and productivity to ensure maximum efficiency and team morale.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage and organize physical inventory across all warehouse locations
  • Receive all incoming inventory, ensuring that quantities are accurate, and merchandise is not damaged and in acceptable condition
  • Distribute all received inventory to the proper locations
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts across all locations with both complete location inventories and cycle counts
  • Serve as central point of contact for all inventory and inventory discrepancies across all divisions
  • Manage physical transfer of inventory between all store locations
  • Ensure that all inventory movement is tracked accurately throughout internal company technology
  • Process, package and ship all orders accurately, safely and cost effectively
  • Regularly audit logistical and supply operations to ensure the organization is operating at maximum efficiency
  • Collaborate with purchasing teams to maintain appropriate supply levels
  • Supervise the maintenance and organization of ALL warehouse spaces
  • Direct reports include Warehouse Associates stationed at company headquarters as well as all satellite locations
  • Train Associates on store policies, department procedures, and all warehouse tasks and procedures
  • Monitor performance of all Warehouse Associates
  • Monitor Associates schedule, breaks, and work hours
  • Management, development, training, and assessment of all warehouse associates
  • Proficient use of company technology

Required Skills

  • Strong passion for musical instruments a plus
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • trong understanding of software platforms including Microsoft Windows and Office 365, Shipstation, Shopify
  • Ability and willingness to learn new software as needed
  • Technical and IT skills, specifically database management
  • Excellent planning, organizational, and analytical skills
  • Initiative, decisiveness, and accountability
  • People management skills, including the ability to lead and motivate others, delegate work, and explain processes and expectations
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Previous warehouse, operations, and/or management experience
  • College Degree
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Digital Marketing Coordinator
All Locations


The DMC is responsible for the scheduling and implementation of all digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms, email marketing, digital ad campaigns, and other web-based marketing initiatives. Marketing initiatives are built in collaboration with the DOSM and the marketing team based on product releases, store events, UGC, and other forms of original content creation. The DMC coordinates various forms of content gathering, schedules and implements the release to digital platforms, analyzes engagement and uses that information to improve future campaigns. The DMC is responsible for ensuring that marketing hits the target audience in a scheduled and effective manner, maximizing the return on investment and promoting the growth of Russo Music.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work with design team and marketing team to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate product lifestyle still photo shoots, and film shoots based on manufacturer product release schedules and arrivals
  • Manage and coordinate social media platforms in accordance with brand voice and each platform’s unique audience
  • Schedule social media posts and email marketing campaigns to promote products and services in accordance with the marketing department initiatives
  • Create original copy for social media, email marketing, product listings, ad campaigns
  • Use social media to maintain daily online presence for store locations and departments, to develop brand voice, and increase reach
  • Appropriately promote and share UGC to establish brand authority and presence
  • Direct inbound social media communication to appropriate customer service teams
  • Coordinate Sweepstakes/Giveaways through website and social platforms
  • Ensure that all marketing efforts get full exposure and maximum return on investment
  • Research, interpret, and react to all analytics to increase engagement across all platforms
  • Consistently increase online audience across all platforms
  • Effectively use given advertising budgets for maximum ROI
  • Assist in the creation of new processes to streamline digital marketing and increase brand awareness

Required Skills

  • Strong passion for musical instruments preferred
  • Experience working collaboratively on a team in both remote and in-person settings
  • Desire to be part of a growing organization
  • Strong communication skills, copywriting, copyediting skills
  • Strong understanding of software platforms including Microsoft Windows and Office 365
  • Strong knowledge of all social media platforms, social media management software, and email marketing software
  • Project management experience
  • Previous experience in digital marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Equivalent
  • Camera skills a plus
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Future Opportunities
All Locations


We are always on the search for the next addition to our team. Whether you are a music industry vet, or looking for a career change, we hope you will consider applying to join our growing organization.

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