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Squier: A Bass for All

Squier bass guitars bring Fender design and engineering to bassists of all levels of experience. For their price, Squier basses have been looked towards as a backup axe for the pride and joy, but over the years have earned their way to the front lines of rigs around the world. With new product introductions over the years, Squier basses have bridged the gap between an economy level product and something that truly works.

Road Ready

The Squier bass line provides students and professionals alike with a solid bass guitar at a modest price point. Those who want to learn for the first time can invest in a starter pack made by a true guitar manufacturer, and those touring the country and want something that can withstand the road needn't look further. With series like the Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe, Squier basses have come into there own as a player on the worlds stage.

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