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Guitar distortion pedals are often used by electric guitarists, transforming their clean tones into powerful, saturated, and edgy sounds. They achieve this by clipping the guitar's signal, resulting in harmonically rich and sustain-laden tones.

Distortion pedals come in various types, from classic to modern, each offering unique tones. Classic distortion pedals have the sound of vintage tube amplifiers pushed to their limits, delivering a warm and gritty texture ideal for classic rock and blues.

Modern distortion pedals provide a broader range of gain and tonal options, catering to various genres including hard rock, metal, punk and alternative. These pedals typically include controls for gain, tone, and volume, allowing precise tonal shaping and customization.

Notable distortion pedals include the Boss DS-1, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, and the Pro Co Rat, each known for their distinctive and iconic tones. Guitarists use distortion pedals to add intensity, depth, and aggression to their playing, making them a staple in rock and metal music.

Distortion Pedals for Electric Guitars

Explore Russo Music’s collection of distortion pedals for guitars:

  • Overdrive Distortion Pedals: Overdrive pedals [i.e. Brown Amp’s The Protein] provide a mild to moderate clipping of the guitar signal, resulting in a warm, classic rock sound. They often preserve the guitar's natural tone and dynamics, making them suitable for blues, rock, and classic rock styles.
  • Fuzz Distortion Pedals: Fuzz pedals [i.e. the JHS Cheeseball] generate extreme clipping, producing a thick, saturated sound with aggressive sustain. They are known for their wild, chaotic, and octave-like tones, popular in psychedelic and garage rock.
  • Bass Distortion Pedals: These add saturated and gritty tones to the sound of a bass guitar. Distortion Bass pedals such as the Darkglass Microtubes B1K achieve this by clipping the signal, creating harmonic richness and a growling, aggressive character.
  • High-Gain Distortion Pedals: High-gain distortion pedals offer a wide range of gain, often used in heavy metal and hard rock genres. They provide saturated, aggressive tones with tight low-end responses.
  • Metal Distortion Pedals: Specifically designed for metal music, these pedals produce extreme high-gain and scooped-mid tones, ideal for achieving a powerful and aggressive sound.
  • Multi-Mode Distortion Pedals: These pedals provide multiple distortion modes, allowing guitarists to switch between various tonal options within the same unit.
Browse through our extensive range of distortion for electric guitars and buy the right distortion pedal for your musical needs!

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