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More about Focusrite

Focusrite, a company founded by audio engineering pioneer Rupert Neve in 1985, has a rich history of providing top-notch audio equipment to musicians and recording enthusiasts. Renowned for their range of channel strips, mic preamps, outboard gear, and custom consoles, Focusrite has consistently enhanced the quality of sound in the music industry.

In more recent times, Focusrite has become a significant player in the digital recording domain, introducing the popular Scarlett and Clarett series of audio interfaces. These interfaces bring the much-loved Focusrite preamps and solid build quality to digital audio workstations, making it easier for artists to record and produce music.

With a steadfast commitment to improving people's lives through music, Focusrite has been an unwavering force in the realm of audio interfaces. By offering easy-to-use and reliable equipment, the brand has successfully eliminated unnecessary technical barriers, allowing musicians to focus on their craft and share their sound with the world.

Focusrite's dedication to creating the best audio interfaces is evident in their products' performance, delivering an accurate representation of an artist's sound without compromise. This commitment to excellence can be traced back to the company's early days when they crafted some of the finest consoles ever made.

Today, Focusrite continues its mission to make music easier to create, striving to simplify the recording process and inspire musicians worldwide. Alongside nine sister brands, Focusrite remains at the forefront of audio innovation, ensuring that artists can effortlessly record and share their unique sound with the world.

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