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Russo Music is proud to be a premium installation partner of AllParts. To view our AllParts selection:
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Please Note: All services are a la carte. Some services may require other services to complete the job. All prices are estimates subject to physical evaluation. Lead times will vary and all services are on a first in, first out basis.

Setups & Maintenance

String and Tune for Guitar/Bass $30 + strings
String and Tune for 12-String & Classical $45 + strings
Deluxe Set Up for 6-String Electric & Acoustic $85
Deluxe Setup for 12-String/Classical $100
Deluxe Set Up for Floyd Rose $100

*Strings and parts are not included

Custom Bone Nuts and Saddles

Custom Bone Nut (Bone parts not included) $75
Custom Bone Saddle (Bone parts not included) $65
Bone Nut/Saddle Package (Bone parts not included) $125

*Setup additional
**Bone parts not included

Fret Work

End Dress
File/Polish sharp fret ends and tangs
$65 & Up
Tongue Dress
Level/Crown/Polish frets on upper register
$65 & Up
Deluxe Fret Dress
Level/Crown/Polish under simulated string tension
$150 & up
Re-fret $350 & up

Structural Work

Structural Repair
Cracks, bracing, neck resets etc.
~$85/hour (Est’d.)
Bridge Re-Glue $175 & up
Headstock Repair $225 & up

*Parts not included

Electronics Work

1 Pickup Install $50
2 Pickup Installs $65
3 Pickup Installs $80
Acoustic Pickup Install $75
Output Jack Replacement (Parts not included) $30
Pickup Repair/Rewind (Parts not included) $50 and up


Strap Button Install $15 each
Taylor Neck Reset
Taylor shims included
Minimum Bench Fee $30

Amplifier and Electronics Service

Click here for details about our amplifier and electronics service options

Band and Orchestral Service

Russo Music offers a full service, in-house B&O service department at our Hamilton location. You may also drop off at our Asbury Park store for delivery to the B&O service team in Hamilton. Click for more details