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Martins Nearly 200 Year Legacy

There are few companies that can claim such a vibrant history that spans almost as far into the past as the United States itself. A legacy started while Andrew Jackson was president, Martin Guitars has consistently made instruments of the highest quality, while at the same time being behind some of the greatest innovations in Acoustic guitars. Creators of the Dreadnought body, scalloped bracing, the dovetail neck joint, and countless others, Martin is firmly attached to the history of modern music in every sense.

The Continuing Greatness of Martin Guitars

Now, having easily passed their millionth guitar and being held upon the countless legends who've born the name, Martin's quality and commitment to their art is stronger than ever. Being the oldest surviving creator of guitars has not slowed or tarnished them a bit. We are lucky enough to be just a short drive from the Martin Factory giving us the ability to take a hands on approach to the pieces we carry and the customer service we offer.

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