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Much of American history was spoken through a Shure microphone. During World War II, Shure manufactured radio equipment for the United States. Through their experience in manufacturing military-grade components, their reputation for building a road-tested, nearly indestructible microphone for consumers and performers has continued. Everybody has heard the stories that an SM57 can fall off a truck or be dropped out of a high rise and still survive for the gig. Today, Shure microphones continue a legacy of heritage to every level of recording, performing, and broadcasting.

To only scratch the surface, SM and Beta 57s and 58s are still the reigning champions for backline audio, and the SM7B is still the proven constant for radio broadcasting and vocal recording. Shure wireless and lavalier microphones are called on for keynotes and presentations. The company also offers a custom in-ear monitor program, where they will fit a pharmaceutical mold of an individual's ear canal to any level of Shure in-ear monitors. All Shure products come with a limited warranty, guaranteeing a product free of manufacturer defects with proper use for a period of one to two years.

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