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Mythos Pedals was born out of a part-time endeavor of founder Zach Broyles in Nashville in 2010. Since the inception of the Mythos brand, Mythos has delivered fan-favorite effects focused on the guitar player experience. 

Each pedal is meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled clarity, responsiveness, and versatility, ensuring that your guitar tone stands out in any mix. Whether you're dialing in the perfect amount of gain, sculpting your tone with precision EQ, or adding lush modulation to your sound, Mythos pedals offer an array of options to inspire your musical journey. 

Here are some of the popular Mythos guitar pedal types available at Russo Music:

Overdrive and Distortion: Mythos offers a variety of overdrive and distortion pedals that add grit, warmth, and harmonically rich tones to your guitar sound. These pedals range from smooth and transparent overdrives to aggressive and saturated distortions, allowing you to dial in anything from subtle bluesy breakup to roaring high-gain tones.

Mythos Fuzz Pedals: These fuzz effect pedals provide that iconic, vintage-inspired fuzzy distortion. Known for their thick, sustaining tones and dynamic response, the pedals capture the essence of classic fuzz tones from the '60s and '70s. They can produce a range of sounds, from smooth and wooly fuzz to spiky and aggressive textures.

Delay and Reverb: Mythos offers delay and reverb pedals that can transport your sound to vast sonic landscapes. Whether you're looking for pristine digital delays, warm analog echoes, or ambient reverbs, these pedals provide a range of customizable settings to shape the decay, modulation, and ambiance of your guitar's signal.

Boost Effect: Boost pedals in the Mythos lineup are designed to enhance your tone and dynamics. They provide a clean volume boost to make your solos cut through the mix.

Octave Effect Pedals:  These pedals generate rich and dynamic octave effects, allowing you to create lush harmonies, soaring leads, and unique sonic textures. With precise tracking and polyphonic capabilities, they capture every nuance of your playing, providing natural and organic octave tones. 

Buffer Effect Pedals: They are the secret weapon for maintaining pristine tone and signal integrity throughout your guitar rig. These pedals act as a buffer, preserving the clarity and dynamics of your guitar's signal as it travels through long cable runs and complex pedalboard setups.

Some of our most popular models include the Mythos Hephaestus pedal, Mjolnir Overdrive, the Golden Fleece Fuzz, and the Chupacabra Overdrive/Boost. With their unique designs and attention to detail, Mythos Pedals are a must-have addition to any guitar or bass player's pedalboard. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect tone for your sound. All Mythos pedals are still hand built in Nashville Tennessee by Zach Broyles and crew.

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