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Music Man, a California-based brand founded in 1974 under Ernie Ball, transformed the industry by incorporating active electronics into their instruments. Sterling Ball, who played a significant role in the creation of the iconic StingRay basses, later joined forces with his sons to form a team dedicated to producing top-notch handcrafted instruments.

The meticulous design and engineering of each Music Man guitar ensure an exceptional playing experience. Skilled craftsmanship and machine precision go hand-in-hand at their wood mill, while multiple rounds of hand-sanding and soldering create flawless finishes. Music Man continues to grow globally, upholding strict quality standards and innovative designs for which they are renowned.

Music Man Guitar Models

Popular Music Man Bass guitars at Russo Music include:

  • StingRay Guitars: Inspired by the iconic StingRay bass, these guitars feature a unique design and are known for their powerful, punchy tones. A key feature of the StingRay series is the Music Man humbucking pickup, delivering a bold and articulate sound. Other models within the StingRay collection include:
    • StingRay Special: This variant builds on the classic StingRay with modern enhancements. It often includes lightweight body contours, premium tonewoods, and updated electronics, providing players with a contemporary take on the iconic StingRay sound.
    • StingRay HH: The StingRay HH models come with dual humbucking pickups, providing players with expanded tonal options. This configuration is preferred by those seeking a thicker, more aggressive sound.
    • StingRay 4 String: The Music Man StingRay 4-string bass features a classic double-cutaway body design, with a single humbucking pickup for a rich and focused tonal palette. The roasted maple neck and fretboard offer stability and a smooth playing experience, while the 22 stainless steel frets make the guitar durable.
    • StingRay 5 String: For bass enthusiasts, the StingRay 5 represents the extended-range version, featuring five strings instead of the traditional four. This model is ideal for bass guitar players who require a broader tonal range and extended low-end capabilities.
  • DarkRay Bass: The Music Man DarkRay could be considered a nearly identical twin to the StingRay Special in looks and feel. Crafted in collaboration with the renowned bass accessory manufacturer Darkglass Electronics, the DarkRay bass incorporates two acclaimed drive circuits for fuzz and distortion.

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