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For over 300 years, Zildjian has been manufacturing cymbals for the music of the world. Zildjian cymbals were used prominently by renown operatic and classical composers, performers, and orchestrators from the 1600s through the 1800s. Many orchestras specifically requesting only Zildjian cymbals be used in their performances. In 1929, Zildjian opened their USA factory due a time of political unrest in Constantinople, and the company headquarters has remained in Massachusetts ever since.

The name Zildjian means "cymbal smith" in Armenian, and 16 generations have been in charge of the company ever since. In the initial United States history of manufacturing, Avedis Zildjian III led the company through the jazz era, and his son Armand would work with drummers from the 1950s-onward to enhance the quality of the products. Instead of only introducing signature products akin to a particular player, artist relations influenced full lines of Zildjian cymbals, with the popularization of the A Custom and K series. Zildjian continues to influence the ever-changing musical palette, with a namesake at the helm.

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