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Pioneering the Commercial Synthesizer

American engineer Robert Moog is no stranger to the many fans of Moog Music, renowned for inventing the first commercial synthesizer in 1964. Offering powerful analog synthesizers, the Moog Music company eventually went on to create a more portable version of these modular synthesizers in 1970, the device we would all come to know as the Minimoog. 

Decades later, Moog is still at it with the reissue of the historical Minimoog Model D, enriching the sonic capabilities of musicians to come. Keeping its classic instrument vibe in check, Moog has made sure to update its devices to meet modern music needs, while still holding the power and appearance of the vintage Moog Synthesizer models.

Electronic music has since seen a new dawn with the more robust, compact and enhanced Moog synthesizers that are able to create and imitate the most complex sounds. There is no surprise that Moog devices became the go-to for widely regarded music icons such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, and continue to make their mark today.

Moog Products

Explore our collection of Moog synthesizers for sale, along with Moog Sound Studio Bundles and Moog Accessories including the popular Minimoog, Moog Subsequent, & Moog Matriarch synthesizers.

If you’re an old soul at heart, trying to keep up with music of the times, the Minimoog Model D reissue is your best bet and will fall true to your music personality. Or are you new at the synthesizing game? The Moog Sound Studio bundle is equipped with all the tools and instruments to get you started as a beginner music maker. If you’re not sure what works, reach out to us and we’ll help you make your way to the right synth.

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