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Keeping it Wild with Reverend

Based in Detroit Michigan, Reverend has been in the music industry since 1997. Founded by Joe Naylor, a prominent guitar and amplifier technician, Reverend boasts an unconventional and unorthodox style of guitars and music, challenging its users to take up a reverend guitar and let their music run wild.

In 2010, under new management, Reverend went on to introduce 50+ guitar models and 10+ bass models. Ensuring the Reverend factor in all its instruments, Reverend uses its own custom pickups for all guitars, as well as the fan favorite Bass Contour Control (BCC) which allows the guitar users to increase or decrease the bass.

Reverend Guitar’s have made their mark with prominent guitarists including Mike Watt, Greg Koch, Billy Corgan & many more. The signature Reverend collection includes the Mike Watt Wattplower guitars, as well as the Greg Koch Gristelmaster series. Other popular Reverend guitar collections include the Set-Neck series and the Bolt On Neck series. 

Finished in Ohio, Reverend guitars are brought to perfection by its team of trained, passionate and committed sound technicians and musicians. With Reverend, you just know you’re getting the best.

Reverend Guitars for Sale 

Browse through our Reverend guitar collection to find your perfect music match. Don’t miss out on the Russo Music & Reverend exclusive collection, featuring a Reverend Double Agent OG in Orchid Pink, a Reverend Charger 390 in Italian Purple, Reverend Charger HB in Russo Music custom Goldtop Darkback, Reverend Charger 390 Oxblood Moto Pickguard, and Reverend Charger 390 Oxblood Black Pickguard.

You can also consider the Reverend Six Gun guitars, Charger 290s, Baritone electric guitars, or the iconic Reverend Jetstream & Flatroc series to add to your guitar collection.


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