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Old Blood Noise Endeavors, a brand synonymous with unique aesthetics and innovative sounds, was founded by Brady Smith and Seth McCarroll. Their eclectic blend of creativity and passion for music resulted in a pedal-making journey reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's cinematic prowess.

Brady and Seth, who met at the University of Oklahoma in 2006, found common ground in their love for Danish cinema and offbeat sci-fi. Brady's experience at Keeley Electronics and Walrus Audio fueled his desire to start his own company, leading to the launch of Old Blood Noise Endeavors in August 2014. The duo released their flagship pedal, the Black Fountain Delay, which captivated the market with its unparalleled sound and aesthetic.

Since then, Old Blood Noise Endeavors has introduced over twenty distinct pedals, garnering widespread acclaim and attention. Their YouTube series "Coffee and Riffs," which began in February 2014, has accumulated an impressive one million views. The brand's intriguing name reflects their dedication to innovation and disruption within the music industry, while their moniker "endeavors" represents the potential for expansion beyond musical gear.

Old Blood Noises extensive product range showcases their commitment to crafting unique effect pedals. The company has grown over the years, with Dan Pechacek and Isaac Nelson now heading the R&D department and a skilled team of pedal builders working diligently to bring their creations to life. Their meticulous construction process involves drilling, powder-coating, screen printing, and assembling each pedal by hand.

What sets Old Blood Noise apart is their ability to evoke a distinct sonic and physical feel in each pedal. The brand's creative process draws inspiration from the emotions and visuals elicited by their sounds. Their evolving mission is focused on making art, noise, and ensuring that their work remains enjoyable, sustainable, and continually growing.

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