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Greer Amps, established in 1998, has dedicated itself to creating high-quality distortion pedals for guitarists seeking a unique sound. Founder Nick took his grandfather Allen's wise words to heart, focusing on one thing: crafting exceptional distortion, overdrive, and fuzz pedals. Nick's passion led him to develop innovative circuits while also refining vintage ones, resulting in a diverse range of distortion-based pedals with distinct flavors for every musician's taste.

Since its humble beginnings, Greer Amps has grown into a reputable brand with dealers across the US and around the world. The company's commitment to using only the finest components ensures that every pedal and amplifier they produce meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Greer Amps understands the needs of working musicians and the importance of reliable gear for every performance, which is why they overbuild every product and back it with a comprehensive warranty.

Greer Amps prides itself on working closely with customers, helping them find their unique sound through their exceptional products. This customer-centric approach has earned the brand a loyal following among musicians who appreciate the company's dedication to quality and innovation.

Greer Pedals

Greer Amps prides itself on working closely with customers, helping them find their unique sound through their exceptional pedals. Explore Russo Music’s collection of Greer Amps Pedals including:

  • Overdrive and Distortion: Greer Amps offers a variety of overdrive [Greer Amps Lightspeed and Tomahawk] and distortion pedals [Gorilla Warfare] that range from smooth and creamy to gritty and aggressive. These pedals are designed to add harmonically rich textures and saturation to your guitar tone, allowing you to shape your sound with precision.
  • Boost and Preamp: Greer Boost and Preamp pedals [i.e. Greer Moonshot pedal] provide clean, transparent signal enhancement to push your amp or other pedals into natural breakup or saturation. They can also serve as standalone preamps, offering versatile tone shaping and volume control.
  • Fuzz: Greer's fuzz pedals [Super Hornet] provide vintage-inspired fuzz tones with a modern twist. These pedals deliver a range of fuzz textures, from classic '60s-style fuzz to more saturated and intense fuzz sounds.
  • Delay: Greer's delay pedals are designed to add ambiance and spaciousness to your playing. These pedals offer multiple delay textures, from pristine repeats to rich, ambient washes.

Greer Amps pedals are handcrafted with attention to detail and built to deliver exceptional sound quality. They are popular among players who seek vintage-inspired tones with a modern touch, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. Shop Greer Amps today!

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