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Pushing the Boundaries of Guitar Tone 

Browne Amplification is a guitar company based in Kansas City, USA, that focuses on creating top-quality amplification and effects products for guitarists. The company was founded by Dave Brown, a highly regarded guitar tech, with a vision to create durable, dependable and excellent sounding guitar products for working musicians. 

With years of experience under his belt, Dave's reputation as a go-to guy for vintage amp repairs, guitar setups and custom pedal designs spread rapidly. Dave's dedication to quality and his extensive knowledge of the music industry set the stage for the launch of the Protein Dual Overdrive. 

The Protein was the product of years of development and road testing, which resulted in a unique and highly sought-after pedal. Its exceptional tone, innovative design and reliable performance quickly made it a favorite among touring musicians. The success of the Protein led to the release of other groundbreaking products, including the T4. 

Browne Amplification is committed to designing and releasing reliable, straightforward, and useful products that cater to the needs of working musicians. The company's dedication to practicality, combined with their passion for creating exceptional tone, sets them apart from the competition. 

Browne Amplification is a company that continues to push the boundaries of guitar tone with their innovative product designs. They focus on delivering reliable and high-quality products that cater to the needs of working musicians. Whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist, Browne Amplification offers products that are built to last and deliver exceptional tone, making them a go-to brand for guitarists worldwide. 

Here are some of the notable types of Browne Amplification guitar pedals:

  • T4 Fuzz Pedal: With its unique interface, The T4 Fuzz allows precise control over the fuzz intensity, tone, bias, and output, offering a wide range of fuzz textures and sonic possibilities. This fuzz pedal features a carefully designed circuit that retains clarity and responsiveness while adding warm and saturated fuzz tones.
  • Protein Dual Overdrive: The Protein Dual Overdrive takes the concept of the Protein Overdrive a step further by providing two independent overdrive circuits in a single pedal. This allows guitarists to blend and stack different overdrive tones, creating a vast array of drive textures and sonic possibilities.
  • The Fixer: A versatile and innovative guitar pedal designed to solve various tonal challenges. With its transparent boost, and rugged construction, The Fixer becomes an essential tool for musicians seeking to shape their sound and tackle any sonic issues they encounter.
  • The Carbon: A dynamic and versatile overdrive pedal designed to deliver rich and harmonically complex tones. With a simple three-knob layout for gain, tone, and output, The Carbon offers easy control over the intensity and character of the overdrive.
  • The Atom: An innovative overdrive pedal designed to capture soulful, expressive tones. Its unique circuit provides a transparent and touch-sensitive response, allowing players to retain the essence of their guitar's natural tone while adding warm and dynamic overdrive.
  • The Gritador: A distinctive and versatile distortion pedal that delivers powerful and gritty tones. Named after the Portuguese word for ‘The Screamer’, the Gritador Tube Screamer provides a wide range of harmonic-rich and saturated distortions, perfect for rock, metal, and other high-gain styles. worldwide.

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