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Stop Dreaming, Start Playing

Squier, Fender's subsidiary instrument line, has been in the Fender family of brands since the late 1980s, offering electric guitars for anyone from the budding musician to the business professional. The name Squier first saw face in the late 1980s, on the Fender Squier series. As time went on, the Squier line was formatted around offering quality student-level instruments and guitar packages that gave a new player everything necessary to start playing. In recent years, with the number of live performers and name artists requesting Squier guitars, higher quality parts and finish types saw introduction into the Squier line, and the guitars have been made to an even higher degree of reliability ever since.

Today's Product Line

Squier instruments bring the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and Jaguar designs to a low price point, varying in degrees of quality by series. Turn to the Affinity or Bullet series for a rock-solid affordable instrument, or perhaps the Classic Vibe for a vintage inspired, player enhanced guitar. Need humbuckers? The Contemporary Series offers never-before-seen features on a Squier guitar, including active pickups and a locking tremolo system. In addition, Squier's guitar packages have been a long-time crowd pleaser, and include a Squier guitar, amplifier, and accessories that allow someone to start playing out of the box.

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