At Russo Music we take the utmost pride in providing our customers with the tools and services that carry them through their musical lives. Our team is as diverse as the musical communities we support, from the humble beginner to the Fretboard Olympian. We love and play guitars the same as you, whether you fiddle at home for fun or travel the world to shred on stage. Are you a modular synth patcher and knob twiddler sculpting that perfect sound? We're on that wave. Getting looks from your neighbors when carrying in your drum set? Yeah, us too. If it's musical, we're totally in. Being in a band is cool. Not being in a band, also way cool. Whatever your vision is, we want to see it through with you.

Russo Music curates the finest selection of instruments and accessories. Whether it's a well-known brand or an ambitious boutique, we seek out the highest quality in guitars, effects, synth, drums, and more. New, limited edition, used and vintage, we have something for every taste and budget.

Every instrument that comes in passes through the rigorous standards of our service department. Then it goes through again before it heads home with you. In addition to maintaining stock, our team of expert technicians is always available for your personal service and repair needs. Each year, Russo Music gets thousands of instruments back in shape for music communities near and far. Whether we're sending you back a freshly fretted Fender or shipping out your next new Gibson, trust that it will be packed with care by fellow musicians. Gear is family and should always arrive home safe and sound.

We're your local music store, no matter the miles. So, shoot us an email, click to chat, or give us a call. We want to hear from you.

Russo Music started in 1960 on the sunporch of Lucy and Stephen Russo’s Broad St. home in Trenton, New Jersey. We’re still a family owned, independent, small business with locations in Asbury Park and Hamilton, New Jersey. Our Philadelphia showroom opened in the summer of 2021 at 10th and Spring Garden.