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The Amp for Everyone

Fender amps have been some of the most recorded and performed since the 1950s – the dawn of electric music. Almost every guitarist has played through a Fender amp, and they are the unquestionable constant in music for a platform amplifier, bedrock sound, or as Fender states: "The soul of Tone." It's difficult to find a genre that isn't intertwined with the standout sound of Fender amps.

Innovation of Loud

Fender Tweed amplifiers dominated the sound of the 1950s, with designs such as the Champ, Bassman, and Bandmaster still being revered today for their fundamental guitar tone that has seen all generations of recordings. Through work with Dick Dale – the King of the Surf Guitar – Fender amps were redesigned to withstand pure, unadulterated volume. As time goes on and trends come and go, it has so remained that there is nothing quite like the pristine, blossoming clean tone of a Fender circuit, which has sustained their amplifiers through all walks of music and style. Plug in and be heard.

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