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Branching from the Gibson group of Companies, Gibson Custom is a prominent contender that focuses on reimagining vintage and timeless guitar pieces to meet the music needs of today. Gibson Guitar’s skilled music technicians have committed themselves to creating original guitars mirroring their vintage counterparts. If you’re a sucker for Gibson’s signature models, you have Gibson Custom Shop to thank. These iconic one of a kind guitars are hand-assembled in their Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee, feature premium tonewoods and the patented humbucking pickups.

Designed with unprecedented skill and care, the Gibson Custom Shop's world-renowned guitars present musical experiences unlike any other. A Gibson Custom Shop guitar is a creation worthy of being put under glass or slung over the shoulder with a strap. The unparalleled musicality of each Gibson Custom Shop creation makes each one a sight to behold with sounds in which to drift away. The world-famous Gibson Custom Shop makes each model one to remember.

Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

The famous Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop guitars and other Gibson Historic Reissues of vintage models give users the feel of a used vintage guitar, while incorporating the musical standards of the present.

Through Gibson’s Murphy Lab Division that launched in 2019 and is headed by Tom Murphy, a series of Murphy Lab Aged guitars were also brought into the picture by 2021. With Murphy Lab, guitars were expertly aged by artisans, to give them the most vintage feel one could ask for. Aging options in Gibson Custom Murphy Lab guitars include Ultra Light, Light, Heavy & Ultra heavy.

As authorized Gibson Custom Shop dealers, Russo Music stocks a variety of Gibson Custom Electric & Acoustic Guitars. Explore Gibson Custom Guitars including Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissues, Les Paul Special Reissues, Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Goldtop, Gibson SG, the new Korina Explorer or the Gibson Custom Theodore guitar, inspired by Theodore “Ted’ McCarty, the president of Gibson from 1950 to 1966.

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