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For generations, Martin Guitars has been revered as one of the world's premier guitar manufacturers, with an illustrious legacy that stretches back to 1833. The brand has been an industry leader in terms of innovation, design, and superior craftsmanship. An embodiment of this commitment to excellence is the Martin Custom Shop.

The Custom Shop, an integral part of the Martin legacy, brings forth the beauty of bespoke craftsmanship, allowing musicians to tailor their guitars to their precise specifications. The journey of the Martin Custom Shop began with the objective of pushing boundaries, to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern guitar-building techniques. Today, it stands as a testament to Martin's undying passion for creating top-tier guitars that are not just instruments, but pieces of art.

As a Martin Custom Shop Expert Dealer, Russo Music has been fortunate to be an integral part of this creative process. Our unique position affords us a close relationship with the Martin factory, enabling us to contribute actively in the design and construction of custom models. We often journey to the Martin factory to personally select woods for our builds, ensuring that each custom Martin guitar we help create is unique and adheres to the highest quality standards.

Our partnership with Martin Custom Shop extends beyond business; it is a shared commitment to uphold the values of bespoke craftsmanship, superior quality, and the promise of delivering instruments that echo the rich legacy of Martin Guitars.

At Russo Music, we are proud to bring the world of Martin Custom Shop Guitars to our customers, offering them the unique opportunity to own an instrument that is truly a piece of Martin's storied history.

Custom Martin Guitars

Martin Custom Shop offers various collections, each with its own unique features and design elements. Here are some of the different types of Custom Martin Guitars for sale at Russo Music:

  • Authentic 1937: This custom shop expert collection replicates the specifications of Martin's iconic 1937 guitars. It includes features like Adirondack spruce tops, forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing, and historically accurate appointments.
  • Custom Dreadnought: These guitars are based on the iconic Martin Dreadnought shape. Buyers can customize various aspects, including tonewoods, inlays, and finishes, to create a unique instrument tailored to their preferences. This also includes the Expert collection Martin Super Dreadnought guitar models with 20% more air volume than the standard dreadnought guitar.
  • 000 and OM Custom Models: Within the Custom Shop, you can also personalize Martin's 000 and OM body styles to your liking. This customization extends to tonewoods, bindings, and other specifications.
  • Martin Custom Shop Sinker Mahogany: These guitars are handcrafted, offering a unique blend of sustainability and premium tonal qualities. They feature reclaimed mahogany from river bottoms, resulting in exceptional warmth and resonance. With customizable options, these guitars allow for a personalized touch while maintaining a commitment to eco-friendly materials and superior sound.

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