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Martin 000 body guitars are a testament to Martin Guitars craftsmanship and sound. These instruments have earned a well-deserved reputation for their balanced tonal qualities, making them a top choice for musicians.

The Martin 000 body shape, characterized by its smaller and more compact design, offers comfort, projection and tonal balance. With a warm, rich bass response, clear midrange, and sparkling trebles, they provide a full and harmonically rich sound that's perfect for both solo performances and studio recording.

The Martin 000 Acoustic Guitars feature top-quality tonewoods such as solid spruce tops and mahogany or rosewood backs and sides. This combination not only contributes to their exceptional sound but also ensures their durability and resilience over time. Their comfortable neck profiles make them easy to play for extended periods.

Martin 000 Models

Martin 000 body guitars come in various styles and tonewood combinations, catering to a diverse range of musical preferences. Explore Russo Music’s collection of Martin 000 models available:

  • Martin 000-18: This classic model features a solid Sitka spruce top and genuine mahogany back and sides. Known for its warm, balanced tone, the Martin 000-18 is favored by both fingerstyle and flatpick players.
  • Martin 000-28: The 000-28 has a solid Sitka spruce top paired with East Indian rosewood back and sides. This combination delivers a rich, resonant sound with pronounced bass and sparkling trebles. It's a favorite among acoustic guitar purists.
  • Martin 000-15M: For those who appreciate simplicity, the 000-15M offers a solid mahogany construction for both the top and body. This results in a warm and woody tone with a distinct midrange focus, making it ideal for blues and folk music.
  • Martin 000-42: If you're looking for elegance and luxury, the 000-42 is adorned with intricate inlays and premium materials. With a solid Sitka spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides, it delivers a lush, full-bodied sound.
  • Martin 000-16E: Another versatile acoustic-electric choice, the 000-16E offers a balanced tone and comes equipped with Fishman Matrix VT Enhance electronics.

These are just a few examples of the Martin 000 body guitar lineup. Browse our complete collection and grab your Martin 000 series guitar today!

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