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Death By Audio, a renowned effects pedal manufacturer, was founded in 2002 by Oliver Ackermann, the singer-guitarist of A Place To Bury Strangers. The brand has a rich history that began in a warehouse in Virginia, then moved to Brooklyn, where it spent nine years in the notorious Williamsburg Death By Audio effects pedal factory. This multi-purpose space served as a venue, recording studio, and live-work space, becoming an iconic location in the musical world. After the venue's closure in 2014, Death By Audio relocated its workshop to Queens, NYC, where they continue to handcraft pedals to this day.

Death By Audio has established a firm position in musical history through its innovative and high-quality products. The brand's effects pedals are known for their robust construction, designed to withstand even the most energetic live performances. Additionally, they utilize top-of-the-line components, such as medical-grade IC chips, obsolete transistors, and military surplus electronics, to expand musicians' sonic horizons with original and unique sounds. Death By Audio's pedals have captured the attention of a wide range of artists, from DIY noise enthusiasts to touring professionals, who utilize these devices in rehearsal spaces, recording studios, and on stage.

Initially a web-based effects customization service, Death By Audio's founder Oliver Ackermann used his extensive rock 'n roll experience and Rhode Island School of Design training to bring artists' wildest pedal dreams to life. The brand is known for its groundbreaking circuit designs and layouts that redefine the way musicians interact with their equipment. Death By Audio's unconventional approach to controls, such as using sliders, dip-, and toggle-switches, encourages players to break free from traditional, static sounds and explore new sources of inspiration.

The ultimate goal of Death By Audio is to inspire musicians to create and experiment. By providing high-quality, handcrafted effect pedals that transform their sound, Death By Audio has become an essential part of the music-making process for countless artists. Through innovation, dedication, and a commitment to quality, Death By Audio has secured its place as an influential force in the world of music gear.

Death by Audio Guitar Pedals

Discover Russo Music’s collection of notable Death by Audio Pedals:

  • Fuzz Pedals: We offer a variety of fuzz pedals like the "Fuzz War" and "Waveformer Destroyer." These pedals deliver gritty, saturated fuzz tones with a distinctive character.
  • Delay: The "Echo Master Delay" is an example for Death by Audio Delay pedals. This pedal provides atmospheric and experimental delay effects while an effects loop allows you to add additional effects to the output.
  • Modulation: Pedals like the "Interstellar Overdriver" and "Robot" offer unique modulation and pitch-shifting effects of overdrive and octave, adding otherworldly textures to your sound.
  • Distortion: The "Supersonic Fuzz Gun" and "Evil Filter" are Death by Audio distortion pedals that create aggressive, edgy tones.


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