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Champion Leccy, hailing from Philadelphia, is a brand known for creating pedals that are warped, inverted, and endlessly exciting. As a product of the city's vibrant musical scene, Champion Leccy has carved out a niche for those seeking an extra dose of fun and unique sonic flavors in their music.

Champion Leccy Pedals

Two standout creations from Champion Leccy are the Skitter and Woozy pedals. The Skitter, a distinctive reverb and tremolo pedal, offers a wide range of modulation possibilities. With its unique switching options, players can configure the tremolo circuit in various ways within the pedal. This flexibility, coupled with the ability to control tremolo waveform, LFO depth and speed, and dry signal volume, makes the Skitter an ideal choice for adventurous sound explorers.

The Woozy, on the other hand, celebrates the unconventional and unpredictable aspects of lo-fi modulation. This versatile effect pedal combines tremolo, vibrato, chorus, delay, reverb, and more to create a colorful palette for tonal experimentation. With its LFO and echo controls, the Woozy allows players to craft mesmerizing ambient soundscapes or engage in interactive play. Its intuitive design encourages endless experimentation, making it a perfect companion for those seeking a fresh and off-kilter sound.

In addition, Champion Leccy Swan Hunter is a more recent distinctive lo-fi echo and reverb pedal. With its nautical-inspired design and intuitive interface, the Swan Hunter pedal provides the swells and washes of lo-fi echo to enhance your music. The Kitler Pedal is another daring addition to the Champion Leccy pedal collection. It is a dynamic tremolo and harmonic generator, offering an exciting experience with modulation.

Champion Leccy's innovative and high-quality products have earned them a place in the hearts of musicians seeking unique, engaging effects. Their dedication to crafting pedals that push the boundaries of conventional sound has solidified the brand's reputation as a creative force within the music industry. As Champion Leccy continues to develop new and exciting offerings, their influence on musical history will undoubtedly grow, inspiring musicians to explore uncharted sonic territories.

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