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JHS Pedals has established itself as a leading brand in the guitar pedal industry, creating a lasting impact on the musical landscape. Founded by Josh Scott in 2007, the company has its roots in pedal modification and custom designs. Over the years, JHS Pedals has evolved from a small operation in a spare room to a respected business, offering an extensive range of high-quality pedals to musicians worldwide.

JHS pedal's rich history began when Josh fixed his Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, sparking an interest in pedal circuitry. This led to the creation of JHS Mods, which eventually evolved into JHS Pedals as Josh began developing original designs. Early releases like the Pulp N Peel, All American, and Morning Glory set the stage for the company's continued success.

JHS Pedals has made a significant contribution to the music industry, collaborating with major artists and industry leaders like Drew Shirley of Switchfoot, Robert Keeley, and Boss. The company has also worked closely with guitarists like Andy Timmons and Paul Gilbert, creating signature artist pedals that have become sought-after products among musicians.

As JHS Pedals continued to grow, its innovations garnered attention from the press and customers alike. The brand's unique marketing strategy, such as its teaser video series, set a new standard in the industry. Furthermore, collaborations with other pedal companies helped solidify JHS Pedals as a pioneering force in the guitar pedal market.

One of the key elements of the brand's success is the unwavering commitment to quality. JHS Pedals ensures that every product is meticulously designed and built, delivering exceptional performance to musicians at every level. By consistently producing innovative and top-notch pedals, JHS has earned a place in musical history.

JHS Pedals also values its connection to the community, as evidenced by Josh's involvement in teaching guitar history and the creation of the JHS Show. The company's down-to-earth approach to sharing knowledge and promoting other pedal brands, rather than focusing solely on their products, sets them apart from the competition.

Overall, JHS Pedals has had a profound impact on the guitar pedal industry, with a rich history and a dedication to quality that resonates with musicians worldwide. The brand's legacy and commitment to innovation ensure that it will continue to play a significant role in shaping the future of music.

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  • Overdrive and Distortion: From smooth bluesy overdrives to aggressive high-gain distortions, these pedals provide varying levels of saturation and crunch for shaping your desired tone.
  • Delay and Reverb: These pedals deliver lush reverbs and a variety of delay styles, including analog and digital emulations, enabling you to create expansive and atmospheric guitar tones.
  • Fuzz: JHS Fuzz pedals cover a spectrum of fuzz textures, from classic '60s-style fuzz to modern and experimental varieties.
  • Signature and Collaboration Pedals: JHS collaborates with renowned artists to create signature pedals that capture their distinct sonic preferences. These pedals often incorporate specific features tailored to the artist's playing style.

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