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Differentiating between modulation types can get a bit tricky for people. What makes a flanger different from a phaser? 

Imagine you're listening to music, and suddenly the sound seems to warp and twist. That's the magic of audio effects, like flanger, phaser, and chorus, which add depth, movement and richness to sound. 

So what is a Flanger pedal and what does it do? Flangers create a distinct "swooshing" or "jet plane" sound. It's like hearing an echo, but with a slight delay that changes over time.

Two identical audio signals play simultaneously, and one of them is slightly delayed, and as they play together, they interfere with each other's phase, causing peaks and troughs in the sound. These peaks and troughs create that characteristic "swooshing" effect that a flanger is known for. It's like the sound is being stretched and squeezed rhythmically.

In three simple steps, Flanger Pedals create their signature sound by:

  1. Duplicating an audio signal
  2. Delaying one of the signals slightly
  3. Modulating the delay time dynamically

Most Flanger pedals will usually include controls such as speed, depth and regeneration (often labeled as feedback or resonance). With speed or rate settings, you can easily handle the rate of modulation. Depth will help you control the range of the flanger effect’s intensity, while regeneration is used to adjust feedback levels.

Some of our favorite flangers include Boss' classic BF-3 the JHS 3 Series, and the Mr. Black Mini Flanger.

Phaser pedals, on the other hand, give sound a similar "swooshing" or "swirling" sensation, but achieved in a different way. A phaser splits the sound wave into two parts, shifts one part slightly out of phase with the other, and then mixes them back together. As a result, certain frequencies are amplified while others are canceled out, creating a series of peaks and troughs in the sound. This gives you that distinctive "swooshing" effect as the peaks and troughs move up and down the frequency spectrum.

While flanger, phaser, and chorus effects may all create similar "swooshing" or "swirling" sounds, they do so in distinct ways.

Guitar Flanger Pedals

At Russo Music, you’ll find a range of Flanger effect pedals to choose from:

  • Analog Flanger Pedals: Analog flangers are simple to use, often with fewer controls including knobs for speed, depth and feedback.
  • Digital Flanger Pedals: With digital processing to recreate flanger effects, these pedals will often feature a greater range of control options.
  • Multi-Function Flanger Pedals: 
    • Chorus Flanger Pedal: This pedal can create a shimmering, swirling effect by combining the lush modulation of a chorus effect with the dynamic "swoosh" of a flanger. 
    • Delay Flanger Pedal: This pedal can add a time-delayed effect alongside the flanger's sweeping modulation.
    • Phaser-flanger Combo Pedal: This pedal blends the distinctive swooshing characteristics of a flanger with the subtler modulation of a phaser effect pedal.
  • Mini Flanger Pedals: These flanger pedals offer the same flanger effect in a smaller size for easier portability. 

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