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Understanding the differences between modulation types can be a bit tricky. What sets a flanger apart from a phaser?

Phasers give off a unique "swooshing" or "jet plane" sound. It's almost like hearing an echo, but with a slight delay that changes as you listen. A phaser splits the sound wave into two parts, shifts one part slightly out of sync with the other, and then blends them back together. This process amplifies certain frequencies while canceling out others, resulting in peaks and troughs in the sound because of the difference in phase, hence the name "phaser". That's what gives the distinct "swooshing" effect as the peaks and troughs move up and down the frequency spectrum.

 Some of our favorite phaser effect pedals are the AllPedals Microdose, the Strymon Zelzah, and the Empress VCA-based phaser.

Flangers, on the other hand, bring about a similar "swooshing" or "swirling" sensation, but they do it differently. With two identical audio signals playing at once, one of them slightly delayed, they play together and interfere with each other's phase, creating peaks and troughs in the sound, causing that characteristic "swooshing" effect flangers are known for. It's like the sound is getting stretched and squeezed rhythmically. 

While flanger, phaser, and chorus effects might all give off similar "swooshing" or "swirling" vibes, they all do so in their own unique ways.

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