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The Portland, Oregon-based Mr. Black creates pedals that are tonally awesome and infinitely classy. With a wide range of effects to choose from, Mr. Black Pedals treks tonal territory both familiar and unfamiliar. From perfectly compact mini pedals to larger, true-blue stereo pedals, Mr. Black has near every flavor of reverb, fuzz, modulation under the sun.

Handmade and ready for years of musical bliss in the studio or on the road, Mr. Black's effects utilize the highest quality electronic components to bring the best out of a rig time after time. Incredibly expressive and endlessly dependable, Mr. Black Pedals strikes a special balance at artisan boutique and road warrior. There's never been a better time to welcome the darkness in.

Mr. Black Guitar Pedals for Sale

Each Mr. Black pedal is a testament to precision engineering and artistic ingenuity. Mr. Black Pedals offers a diverse array of meticulously crafted boutique guitar effects, each designed to elevate your tone and inspire your musical creativity. 

The main types of Mr. Black Pedals available at Russo Music include:

  • Reverbs: Mr. Black's reverb pedals transport your sound to lush, ambient landscapes. From the dreamy "Supermoon" reverb pedal to the evocative "Eterna" shimmer reverb, these pedals add depth, texture, and ethereal qualities to your playing.
  • Delays: Explore a range of delay effects, from warm analog repeats to pristine digital echoes. The Mr. Black "Tapex2" in particular from our collection emulates the warmth of vintage tape delays.
  • Distortions and Overdrives: Add character and grit to your tone with Mr. Black's distortion and overdrive pedals. The White Widow and Orro Overdrive Pedals add plenty of gain perfect for drop tuning and heavy riffage.
  • Modulation: Mr. Black's modulation pedals bring movement and modulation to your sound. The "Tremolo" offers classic tremolo effects with modern features, while the "Octaves" pedal creates shimmering, octave-up tones for a unique sonic palette.
  • Vibrato: Mr. Black Vibrato pedals offer a range of shimmering and warbling effects, from gentle undulations to dramatic pitch bends.
  • Chorus: Mr. Black Chorus pedals offer a spectrum of chorus effects, from subtle shimmers to lush, swirling soundscapes.The Double Chorus Pedal for example, delivers a wide spectrum of sounds with dual-chorus engines and versatile controls. 
  • Flanger: Mr. Black Flanger pedals offer entrancing modulation effects. They shape your sound with sweeping jet-like swoops and sonic textures. From subtle warbles to dramatic sweeps, these pedals provide dynamic control for a range of flanging sounds, adding depth and movement to your playing.
  • Envelope Filter: These pedals shape your sound in innovative ways and provide a wide range of filtered tones that are responsive and clear. As you play, the filter responds to your playing dynamics, creating enveloping wah-like effects that breathe life into your sound.
  • Fuzz: Fuzz pedals encapsulate the raw power of fuzz, delivering searing, harmonically rich tones that cut through mixes with relentless force.
  • Mini Pedals: Mr. Black Mini Pedals are miniaturized wonders that offer the same exceptional sonic quality and craftsmanship as their larger counterparts, perfect for conserving pedalboard space without compromising on tone.


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