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MXR, a renowned brand in the world of guitar effects, started in the early '70s when founders Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood began selling innovative pedals out of their car trunk. The company's commitment to creativity, reliability, and affordability quickly made it a popular choice among guitarists.

Barr and Sherwood, two audio repair shop owners, were driven by dissatisfaction with existing guitar effects. They created Phase 90, which quickly gained popularity, followed by other early successes like the Distortion +, Dyna Comp, and Blue Box Octave Fuzz. When Jim Dunlop acquired MXR in 1987, the brand continued to thrive, launching new pedals such as the Carbon Copy and Fullbore Metal, as well as a line of bass effects.

MXR pedals are known for their remarkable durability, as they were designed by professionals who understood the importance of reliable gear. Guitarists worldwide, including iconic artists like David Gilmour, Randy Rhoades, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Bonamassa and Marcus Miller, have embraced MXR's effects for their signature sounds. With a legacy of innovation and a growing lineup, MXR remains a driving force in the future of guitar effects technology.

MXR Effects Pedals

Confused where to start? Check out popular MXR pedals available at Russo Music:

  • MXR Phase 90: A classic phase shifter that will give you both simplicity and shimmering, swirling modulation. With a single knob to control the speed you can produce rich vintage vibrations.
  • MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay: This pedal offers warm, organic delay tones and analog delay with controls for delay time, regen (feedback) and mix.
  • MXR Dyna Comp Compressor: This MXR Compressor pedal will give you the smooth sustain you’re looking for, while adding a percussive punch to the sound. Its simple two-knob setup makes it a staple choice among many popular stars and their pedalboard.
  • MXR Phase 95 Mini Phaser: A compact version of the Phase 90, this MXR mini pedal offers a mix between Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits, in around half the footprint of a standard MXR pedal.
  • MXR Distortion III: The MXR Distortion III is a versatile pedal that can give you both subtle overdrive to intense distortion effects. It comes with three simple controls including Output, Tone and Distortion to tune in to your ideal sound.

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