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At Russo Music, we're your trusted partners in an engaging world of sound, embracing the unique charm of used and vintage gear. From the soulful resonance of guitars to the intricate whirl of effects, from the robust hum of amps to the mesmerizing pulse of synths - our collection sings a melody of diversity and character.

Each instrument has experienced its own rhythm of life, wearing their scratches as badges of honor from past performances. After all, we all know that the first scratch is the hardest! So, whether you're searching for your first instrument or hunting for that rare vintage piece, our used and pre-loved collection offers something for every music lover.

We're continually buying, trading, and consigning great gear. Whether you're looking to take the edge off the price of new, on the hunt for that elusive one-off, or just into the wild and wacky, we've got something for everyone. So check back often to see what's new in used at Russo Music.

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