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Roland electronic instruments have been backing popular music for over forty years. Founded in 1972, in Osaka, Japan, Roland has been producing pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers for anyone from students to touring professionals. Their expertise in digital instrumentation also has lent in the company's manufacturing of electronic drums, drum machines, and guitar synthesizers.

Many professional keyboard players have been seen behind a Roland synthesizer. Roland produces analog modeling and digital synth workstations, as well as upright and grand piano style digital pianos. If you're looking for an on-stage presence for your Roland keyboard, the company's line of keyboard amplifiers delivers performance in a range of sizes, wattage platforms, and speaker configurations. The Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier series also continues to produce the unmistakable clean tone of the 1980s and beyond, with the JC-120 still unchanged from its original spec, and the JC-40 and JC-22 offering the classic stereo clean tone in smaller packages.

Roland Instruments & Gear

Discover iconic synthesizers that have made electronic music history. Roland offers a diverse range of musical instruments that cater to musicians of all genres and skill levels. Check out Russo Music’s list of Roland musical instruments:

  • Synthesizers: From classic analog models like the Juno series to modern digital workstations, Roland synthesizers empower musicians to create lush textures, unique soundscapes, and electronic music of all kinds.
  • Electronic Drum Kits: Roland's V-Drums have revolutionized the world of electronic percussion. These electronic drum sets provide an authentic playing experience with responsive pads and cymbals, realistic drum sounds, and a wealth of customization options.
  • Amplifiers and Effects: Beyond guitar amplifiers, Roland offers a variety of amplifiers and effects for other instruments as well. These include keyboard amplifiers, bass amplifiers, and multi-effects processors for a diverse range of sound manipulation.

Shop Roland Gear today and add quality pieces to your musical instrument collection!

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