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VOX Amp's iconic journey began in 1957 with Dick Denney, a guitarist and amplifier designer for England's JMI Corporation. Denney's innovative work led to the creation of the groundbreaking AC1/15 amplifier in 1958, later known as the AC15. This powerful amplifier soon became a favorite among London's top guitarists, including Vic Flick.

As rock 'n' roll gained popularity in the 1960s, VOX Amps continued to evolve to meet the needs of musicians, doubling the power of the AC15 and creating the AC30/4 Twin. This amplifier quickly became the most sought-after in Britain, and its popularity soared when a young band from Liverpool, later known as The Beatles, used VOX amps for their groundbreaking music.

VOX Amps legacy continues today, with classic all-tube designs like the AC4, AC15, and AC30 still popular among guitarists seeking that signature chime. Additionally, VOX Amps embraces modern innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology in products like the Cambridge50 and Valvenergy pedals.

The enduring sound of VOX amps has left an indelible mark on popular music, and artists worldwide continue to rely on them for exceptional tone in studios and on stages. Discover your sound with VOX.

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