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Chorus effect pedals can enrich and thicken the sound of instruments. How a chorus effect pedal achieves this is by splitting your guitar's signal, and creating a slightly delayed voice and pitch for each split signal. When mixed with the original signal, you get the illusion of multiple instruments playing simultaneously, resulting in a rich and stuffed tone.

Typically, chorus pedals offer controls for adjusting rate, depth and mix. The rate manages the speed of the modulation, while depth controls the intensity or range of the effect. With the mix knob, you can blend the affected and original signals to produce a thicker or a more subtle tone.

Chorus effects can add depth to clean tones and create a sense of spaciousness. When applied to distorted tones, they can produce a thicker and fuller sound, adding complexity to solos or rhythm parts.

Introduced in the 1970s but picking up popularity in the 1980s, this effect has been used across various music genres (does Police’s ‘Walking on the Moon’ ring a bell?).

If chorus effects pique your interest, consider exploring some popular Chorus pedals for guitars available at Russo Music:

  • Analog Chorus Pedals: These pedals help recreate the organic sound of vintage chorus effects. They have basic controls for rate, depth, and mix providing a classic and straightforward chorus effect that impacts the complete guitar tone.
  • Digital Chorus Pedals: Digital chorus pedals are considered more versatile, as the digital options allow you to tweak your sound to the nearest detail. With additional features and preset options digital chorus pedals can be used for experimental chorus tones!
  • Stereo Chorus Pedals: Stereo chorus pedals create a wider and more immersive sound. You’ll find a great stereo pedal with the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus to achieve that special effect with clear highs.
  • Bass Chorus Pedals: Specifically designed for bass guitars, these pedals can ensure low-end frequencies while adding chorus effects. 
  • Mini Chorus Pedals: Who doesn’t love a mini pedal that can pack a punch? These compact chorus pedals offer the chorus effect in a smaller footprint, so if you’re looking for more portable options, these are for you.

Not just these, but you'll also find many multi-effect chorus pedals including those with phaser, flanger, tremolo, vibrato effects and more!

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